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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday Plan ahead and you WILL SAVE

Hola chicas!! Remember I talked about Shop & Swap last week? WELL, not only did I get clothing, I also got a few tchotckes as well (I know, just what I need, more crap  treasures) BUT I will have you know, I only took things I KNEW I could do something with OR have future plans for....
(I know that not everyone has the vision BUT I am going to show you what to do with the bits and pieces)
(for example - see that silver curtain rod there? I am going to mount it to hang my coffee cups just like raising up rubies did. You need to check her blog out- SUPER cute AND her craft room is going to be featured in BHG magazine - are you totally jeally?)

And you can barely see the silver plant hanger in the haul photo BUT I am going to use it to make another one of these....
(bird feeder made from enamel pot lid)

I picked up these ties.....

 NOT to wear - they are clip ons!! 

I want to make this wreath....I pinned on Pinterst SO it only makes sense to start collecting the ties now SO I have enough when May rolls around and I want to make it!! (I am trying to be better at getting organized AND getting things done in a timely fashion)
So friends, as you see, with a vision, a FAB free shop & Swap and PINTEREST and the blogworld decorating on a budget is MORE THAN POSSIBLE!!

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