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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Try It Thursday Book Page Angel Wings


I originally saw these wings on Pinterest from here I KNEW I could re-create them SO I set to work.....

I cut my template out of snakeskin poster board like material that was left over from work...rolled several hundred book pages and hot glued them into cone shapes, enlisted some child labor to help glitter the edges (I did NOT glitter all the edges, I sprinkled the glittered pages throughout)

Then I started at the bottom and hot glued them on one by one....I added some vintage teal tinsel to the top (the vote from my daughter and I - the choices were silver, gold or teal)

AS you can see, the teal ties in with my pillows....
Find a blank wall, hang and ENJOY!!

Check out these awe inspiring blogs that I have linked my project to:


cathy crosson said...

Wow... Lots of work but amazing turnout! Beautiful:)

Nicole said...

Never seen anything like it. LOVE!

The Other Me Is Sane said...

love these angel wings. Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know which chandelier you liked. I'm your newest follower as you seem to be really talented.