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Friday, November 2, 2012

TRY IT THURSDAY....Handiwork, Hanging a fireplace

I know it's Friday and I am posting a day late (and these activities are actually FROM Friday BUT it's a TOTAL try it kinda post for me). If you read my last post about hanging a mirror you KNOW I am terrified of hanging stuff, I haven't had to really fix stuff BUT now I CAN hang stuff (and not have anyone tell me I can't) and I HAVE to fix stuff - But it's cool....It's awesome practice AND I feel so "woman of the world". 

My first task at hand was to fix the's vintage, and the legs were falling out of the pre-drilled fact 2 fell out SO I noticed the metal things (I STILL don't know what they're called) on two legs BUT only 2 (and there are 6). So I went to my local hardware store and picked up 6 new ones (I was TOTALLY right guessing on the size as I didn't bring a leg - woot woot!)

SO I flipped the couch, hammered the metal thingy's in and screwed in the legs....

You may have noticed the purple paisley square in the above pic - that was my fireplace template....and the cause for the displaced furniture legs (had to re-arrange the furniture to accomodate my new fore box)

WHICH I HUNG on my own!! I was so nervous and so proud!! Hopefully it will still be hanging in the a.m.!!

The large pic is the living room BEFORE the re-ararnge....and the wall after the couch was moved and the fireplace hung....
I will post more pics with deets next week when I finish getting it all decorated!! My words of advice - don't be afraid - follow the step by step instructions, have faith and it'll be GREAT!!

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