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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MANIC MONDAY....A Tire Planter from Pinterest

One of my girlies found and pinned this on Pinterest and I thought it was SUPES cute!! So I was on the hunt for a tire....

The actual project can be found here....Found on

SERENDIPITY!! I found a tire a weeks or so after seeing the pin....
(find the crappiest tire you can - it will make the END process so MUCH EASIER)

I got my paint out (the same one I used for my doormat post found here )

Slapped a few coats of paint on....

Got a drill(no bits SO I assumed I could use a screw and just drill multiple holes thru....until I drilled down past the thread, had to pull the screw back out...ahh success....NOPE....the holes didn't stay open..they seemingly closed again  - that won't work for drainage....SO my dad brought this drill with bits....SUCCESS....(AFTER several holes and wiggling the drill from side to side to open up the holes...apparently there is a wire lining in the tire)

and VIOLA!!!! 

I ADORE the end result!! SO CUTE!! Thanks dad for bringing your drill AND a cable to hang the tire from!! 

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