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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

THRIFY TUESDAY....FAB Jewelry on the low low

Todays TT post is going to be an amalgamation of the FAB jewelry I've scored in the last 2 weeks. The BEST part is they are high end / low end pieces BUT work PERFECTLY together!!

I HEART pearls!! To me these pearl cross earrings are EDGY and sweet all in one (the size and shape make them edgy - the pearls sweet). Bangles - who can't pop a bangle or two onto their arm for instant SWAG!?!?! The circles are the bracelet are mother of pearl - SWOON.

I LOVE the pearls and elephant (trunks up= good luck). PERFECT layering piece....and kinda fits the earthy gypsy mojo I've been feeling lately.....
Can YOU guess what's hi and lo?!?! Guess a PRICE point on these 4 pieces above....
Retail Value over $100. (actually $100.97) which I guess isn't too too bad...BUT MORE than I want to pay. 

I paid $28.50. YES!! It's TRUE!! There are certain stores that are a "go-to" for certain things. #Chico's has FAB jewelry and when it's on sale its ripe for the pickin! For example, the necklace was originally $39., marked down to $24.99 WITH 1/2 off so it came down to $12.50. The bracelets were $29. each, marked down to 14.99 with 1/2 off so they were $7.50 each. The earrings wal-mart -$1.00
SPEAKING of wal-mart HERE are more of my scores from my trip last weekend....
 Kate Spade like beanie - .75
Cross Earrings - $3.00
Shell Earrings - $1.00
Anchor / Rope Ball Necklaces -$1.00 for BOTH
Pearls and Sand dollar - $1.00 for BOTH
While these aren't "FINE" pieces of jewelry they are FUN and quirky and the things that set you apart from everyone else...and even IF I only got one wear outta each it was .50....

I share these things with y'all because we are friends and while I LOVE being "fancy" I also like sharing good deals with my girlfriends!!! What have YOU scored lately?!??!

I also picked these things up in the clearance section...

Infuser Reeds WITH PEARLS  - $2.50
Gold Glitter Coasters  - Rang up $1.00 for each pack (I have a project in mind for them NOW that I have 3 packs...I didn't want to "waste" you do that? Hoard supplies because they are just too good to use?!??! I mean I know they were $1.00 BUT so glittery and beautiful!! ). Have a GLORIOUS Tuesday!! 

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