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Monday, May 12, 2014

MANIC MONDAY....Mother's Day

It truly is the GREATEST gift to be a mother. Even though we all complain time to time about the days of running here, there and everywhere....even though we over commit ourselves because we KNOW we are super mom and can do it (but later feel mad that we over committed)...heart aches and letting your lil's spread their isn't easy - it's HARD y'all BUT oh so rewarding!! As we are all coming down from a Mother's Day high I wanted to share my Mother's Day with you (I RARELY put pics of my lil's on my blog BUT how do you share a Mother's Day post with your babes?!?!?)...

My morning started with a gift and card from my lil's

This GIRL here looked on-line for ideas and TOGETHER they made this canvas for me (her hand is the "O" his hand is the "V"....I LOVE this!! These are the kinda gifts that make my heart sing!!! It says we cared enough to take the time....

Awww...they dated the back

It's the annual Mother's Day tradition to take my mom flower shopping ON Mother's Day (how many years have we been going mom? 8? 7?)

SHE shops when she goes...between the 2 of us we had 14 hanging baskets!! (only 4 were mine)

My lil baskets....clearly I was loving the pink petunias...and lime green accented coleus....can't go wrong there!!

 Mom & Me

My lil's and me

Recap of the day
(my necklace says "mom rocks"

How was YOUR Mother's Day?!?!?

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Twinkle Terrior said...

What a beautiful family !! We had a great Mothers Day too.. thoughtful gifts and homemade dinner by the fam :)