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Friday, May 30, 2014

FOODIE FRIDAY....Iced Coffee

The warmer weather is the PERFECT time to enjoy iced coffee!! I think I may have done a post like this a couple years ago BUT figured a refresher for the season wouldn't hurt. Gather your ground coffee of choice and a a vessel for the water

I used about 1/4 of the bag of ground coffee for the water in the above shown gallon (you want to make sure you leave enough room for the water to rise once you add the ground coffee)

Let sit for a week and your gallon will look like the one below....gather up your supplies (a container to strain the coffee into, cheese cloth for straining the coffee AND a new container to put the coffee in)

 I placed my cheesecloth over the measuring cup and secured with a rubber band

Slowly pour your coffee over the cheesecloth

Let the coffee drain through...

 Remove cheesecloth (dump grounds into the trash OR your compost pile)

 There will be sediment in the bottom of the vessel you strained into...I prefer rinsing this out before straining the next batch

NOW you are all set for a warm day once you chill the coffee, serve over ice and add your fave creamer (or Kahlua)

 This is what your container will look like AFTER draining out your coffee...

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Becky M said...

This is so interesting! I'll have to try this!