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Thursday, May 1, 2014

WIWW Catch up....LOTSA pics

As you may or may not house was struck by lightening a few weeks ago SO I was without internet (I was starting to twitch y'all - seriously) and SO now I play catch up!! I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy - CHECK it out - lotsa inspiration!!

 What I'm wearing:
Vest - Thrifted
Tunic - Express - old 2009
Necklaces - Short turquoise (Lane Bryant) long brown necklace (wal-mart) Long mixed turquoise (Chicos)
Belt - Chico's
Animal Print Leggings - Chico's
Sandals - Thrifted
 What I'm wearing:
Black Vest - Lane Bryant
Grey Long Sleeve T-shirt - Fam Dolla
Belt - Chico's
Leggings - Walmart
Boots - Madden Girl
Pink Cross Necklace - I made it (got the big cross at hoblob and added to a vintage pearl necklace)
Long pearl necklace - Lane Bryant
Tassel Necklace - I made it

 Blue Striped Top - Thrifted
Necklace - Thrifted
"Crops" - Rolled full length jeans - Chico's
Wedges - Wal-mart
 Mint Green Jacket - Chico's (I HAD to order online because I SUPA loved it)
Pink Lace Dress-  H&M 2012
Necklaces - Pink Cross Necklace - Made by Moi, pink and orange necklace - thrifted, pear necklace - lane bryant
Sandals - Macy's
 What I'm wearing:
Denim Jacket with Bling - Chico's
Black Shirt - Thrifted
Black Pants - Chico's
Sandals - Macy's - 2011
 What I'm wearing:
Jacket - OLD 2005
Necklace - Thrifted
Black Tank - Chico's
Jeans - Chico's
Shoes - Ross

 What I'm wearing:
Mint green denim jacket - Chico's
Dress - Walmart ($5.00 y'all - I have worn this SO MUCH!!!!)
Boots - Aerosoles

 What I'm wearing:
Necklace - Chico's
Poncho - Chico's
Long Sleeve Brown Shirt - Jones New York - thrifted
Jeggings - Chico's
Boots - Madden Girl

****I have been LUSTING after this poncho since I saw something similar on Vanderpump Rules....

What I'm wearing:
Necklace - Chico's
Chambray Shirt - Chico's
Belt - Chico's
Leggings - Wal-mart
Ankle Booties - Lucky 2011

What was YOUR fave look?!?!?! Can't wait to see what y'all wore!! As you may or may not know WE DRESS for other would be HAPPY as larks if we walked around in yoga pants and t-shirts (that's a proven fact....) BUT it feels good TO ME to be dressed and accessorized - I LOVE me some accessories! My niece calls me "Aunt Fancy".


Sarah said...

Loving the poncho outfit and the mint green jacket outfit! I think I need one of those too! :)

Samantha @ Elah Tree said...

You look so great! I love all the variety! That striped shirt is so great!