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Saturday, June 20, 2015


...snapshots via my iphone from the past week....

Found THIS beauty on my neighbors curb....I've ALWAYS wanted a glass storm door at THIS house and now I've got it....I just need the hardware and the courage to install it (oh and I'm thinking a spritz of Robins eggs Blue would be prudent)

Garage sale weekend brought rain....OF COURSE it did....I seem to have a curse for sales and rain

 But we cocktailed and made the BEST of it!!!

Found THIS cute idea on Pinterest....putting a cupcake paper OVER your glass so the bugs don't get in - Pretty Brilliant right?!?!?!

My son found this WEIRD looking bulldog MAD frog....I THOUGHT maybe he was Prince Charming (but we will never know - I was having NO PART of kissing him...altho it does sound like the plot of a Hallmark Channel movie)

My vision board is complete...maybe one day I'll do a post about it (and all the others I've made - I SWEAR they come true)

This was our mobile office for garage sale central....signs, tacks, tape and scissors....THIS was how we got almost ALL the people who stopped - flyers on the windshields....pretty clever huh?!?! I remember my parents used to do that back in the day when they had garage sales (altho they sold fine antique furniture but they would make 2-3k on any given weekend)

FRESH guacamole....with my first batch of 'patio farm' cilantro

Check out this GORGEOUS planter at the local grocer....I wish I had somewhere to put it! The peppers are what slay me - LOVE it!!!

It's awesome having one of your bestie's right next door....we hang out and garage sale, have cocktail hour and take turns cooking!! She made the salmon -which was SO DELISH!!! There is DEF a difference in FRESH salmon vs. the frozen pre-portioned stuff

Do YOU see what's outside my window?!?! Without fail the lawn comes on my day off EVERY WEEK....and you may be thinking "switch your day off" that's the thing - it's NEVER the same day! SO my days off never get to be spent in peace outside

So instead I met a friend for lunch and a long island iced tea...

Another night of dinner with my for both our families!!

My son is a lego NUT!!! He has THOUSANDS of pieces - no joke!!! BUT he is BRILLIANT at building things, coming up with his own creations - it's pretty awesome to see how his mind works!

Lotsa little picture frame projects....

Getting back up in the gym just working on my fitness

GORGEOUS days like these make it SO HARD to leave for work....

Dining al fresco WHILE at work (and eating my salad...back to the healthy and fit momma I was working at)

ok, ok pasta may NOT be the healthiest dinner BUT I did add fresh spinach

Snuggling with the pooch on the couch after a LONG week....

CHEERS to the freakin weekend!!!!

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