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Thursday, June 18, 2015


SO, I have been on this kick that I want to be farmer....With the EXORBITANT cost of groceries these days and all the chemicals that are put on plants to grow them and preserve them I just wanna get back to the grass roots living our ancestors knew! SO I decided to have a "patio farm" this summer....growing things I can use (tomatoes, green peppers, celery, cilantro, basil, dill) and all but the tomatoes are from seed...SO here they are on my deck

(SEE the pieces of grass in the pots?!??! We have a service that mows and when he does all the grass bits fly up into my planters....I'm NOT TRYING TO GROW grass...)So WHAT could I do to prohibit that from happening?!??! I needed a screen...BUT something see-thru that the plants can still grow...WAIT I think I have something in my garage that I can use....A large piece of glass I saved from a picture frame (too thin to use for a table top and I NEVER knew what I would do with it BUT I don't throw a whole lot away). So I went and got said piece of glass and propped it behind the a barrier between my plants and the flying grass.....

It has worked BRILLIANTLY!!!! I just have to be careful that the pants don't burn...turning them every few days....

Stay posted for my PATIO FARM progress!!! 

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