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Monday, June 8, 2015


I will start by saying I have always LOATHED the color pink (too girly, everyone girl loves pink, don't wanna be like the masses, blah blah blah) and then SUDDENLY I started liking pops of pink! Bright pink, purple-y pink...I even am adding touches here and there to my decor for the summer - GASP. I have a large vintage sofa which allows me to have large throw pillows (and many throw pillows which is a HAPPY thing). in fact 3 of my pillows are euro squares....I bought these FAB cases at Macy's 3 years ago....they are reversible (one side is teal with gold accents 

and that why I REALLY bought the pillows) BUT then I realized I could flip them to THIS side for summer....

 I wanted pillows with a pop of pink....I've looked briefly and not found any euro shams that tripped my trigger....SO the other morning I decided to try adding a few pink stripes to my "summer side" and see if I liked it (Kinda a bold move but WHY NOT?!?!?!)

I DID like it

So I kept going.....

It's a longer tedious process than I imagined....I'll post an before and after AFTER I finish!! My daughter thinks I'm crazy and my son said "I really like what you've done here" I HEART my boy -he is my kindred spirit!!!
What's the CRAZIEST decor move you've made?!?!?!

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