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Sunday, June 28, 2015


...Pics via my iphone from the week....
(A day late)

FUNKY pretty flowers at Starbucks (YES, they were real - of course I HAD to feel them)

The pup lost a tooth....we noticed she was chewing on something and it was her tooth....

Cake for BREAKFAST!! Why NOT?!?!?! Pretty "Spring Velvet" 

NEVER day off and the lawn guy comes....he's one guy mowing over a dozen lawns SO he's here ALL peace and quiet for me (AND he doesn't blow the grass off the drive which BURNS my a$$)

Sittin, Sippin and catchin up with my gurl....

Who later sent me THIS!!! I heart her!!! I always joke we are Thelma and Louise!!! 

Trying the curly natural look on for size (I ALWAYS wore my hair like this "back in the day" BUT it was longer then SO I wasn't sure if it was long enough yet.....)

LOVE when other patio farmers share their wealth!!! I am TOTALY feeling the natural organic thinking I can live on a farm bit!!

Milkyway S'mores with my kiddo's

Got a pedicure from my daughter (I'm too scared to go in for a real pedi - see my "cancer toe" on the left foot? Been like that since FEB and I'm FINALLY getting into the dermatologist then end of doc saw it and wanted no part of it - referred me to the derm)

The after! Red, white, blue and skully on the "cancer toe"

There's INSPIRATION EVERYWHERE (as bloggers we know that and we see things differently). LOVED these pots....Gonna add burlap to my hanging baskets (which JUST so happen to be this shape....ya know how you see something and it triggers your mind...I didn't have my hanging baskets out until AFTER I saw flowers were just in the baskets they came in - GENERIC) and the palm with the decorative peppers and pop of pink - SWOON!!!!
ANOTHER inspiration is everywhere picture....LOVE these day of the dead skulls.....wanna try my hand at cilantro infused vodka and the Chicago bottle - NEED!!
what have YOU been up to?!?!?

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