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Saturday, June 6, 2015

A DAY IN THE LIFE.... via my iphone from the past week.....

A new #Homegoods opened near me....Had to check it out - it's GLORIOUS!!! So beautiful and JUST what this area needed!!! Everywhere I go I find inspiration...this tiered wooden caddy can easily be duplicated with the RIGHT pieces....hmmm....I'm thinking I should be a PERSONAL shopper - that would be an AWESOME job!!!

When it's nice I take my work lunch outside (which is PURE torture when lunch time's over and I have to go back in)

Ever the cre8tive dyed filters for a future project (I KNOW I could already buy the natural ones BUT I had over 300 of the white filters SO it just seemed prudent to DIY it)

We each made a "Summer Bucker List" we were trying to do 100 things for the 100 days of summer - harder than it sounds!!! I'm still 52 short!!!

Let go and let God is my phrase of the week...when things seem insurmountable give it up to God....HE has a plan....we may not know it, get it or understand....and sometimes we aren't supposed to know the why's

Part Deux of the coffee filter process...air drying....

What have YOU been up to this week?!?!?

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