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Friday, June 19, 2015


Apparently the GOLDEN GOOSE is laying eggs these days!!! A few weeks ago when I went to the super market a dozen eggs was $3.99 - WHA?!?!?!? I KNOW there has been a bird flu which has increased the price in eggs and chicken. SO feeding my family while not going for broke is a common theme as of late!! I THOUGHT I had a few eggs in the fridge and could make a small breakfast casserole BUT alas I didn't have said eggs. SO imagine my GREAT surprise when I went to my local grocer and got the below items for a "STEAL" (the eggs were $1.48/dozen, cheese 1.99, sausage .99 and southern style potatoes)

I googled breakfast casserole recipes (the last one I made was a'ight BUT I like m eggs well cooked and that last one was not). This recipe called for croutons in the base (I coarsely chopped up some aged italian bread, added the last 5 crackers the kids left so I couldn't say they "ate them all" and some leftover potato chips (I joked this was becoming garbage casserole - toss in whatever you can find)

 Above is the layer of bread, cooked sausage and southern style potatoes (which I dod brown) and the recipe called for 3 eggs, milk and cream of mushroom soup.....

Poor over mixture and top with cheese...bake at 325 for 45-50 min.

This was before it went into the oven.....
Unbelievably I did not get an after pic as we dug right in!! It was delish!! The addition of onions and jalapenos would've MADE this dish BUT I was fresh out!!

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