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Friday, June 5, 2015

FOODIE FRIDAY.....NECTARINES and CARROTS and a Bushel Basket for a #momonabudget

Have y'all been to the grocery store lately?!??! I think golden chickens are laying eggs (a dozen eggs in my neck o'the woods is $3.99 - WHAT?!?!?! I mean I know there was that bird flu and all but really?!?!?). I have been meal planning and sometimes basing meals around what's on sale for the's the ONLY way to make my budget stretch. My daughter and I popped into Valli Produce for some pea pods (I wanted to add them to my beef stir fry) and we saw a HUGE cart of reduced produce (this is ALWAYS worth checking to me because we can freeze soup or chili fixins and sometimes it's just an EXCESS on their part BUT a score for the consumer). 

For example....this entire bushel basket of nectarines was $1.50 as were the 3 bags of baby carrots - $1.50 for 2 bags!!!! My daughter eats them like candy and IF I can get to them I will freeze a few for future batches of soup

THESE particular items were PERFECTLY good and I believe the majority of the nectarines are gone (my son has been saving the pits because he wants to plant a nectarine tree!!)

Ah yes, I mentioned a bushel basket right?!??! 
I had to run into Michael's for some crafters crack (ie E600 glue) and I can't resist looking around and I spotted this ADORABLE perfectly turquoise bushel basket....picked it up and it was marked .69!! WHAT the WHAT WHAT?!?!? GET OUT!!! I held tight to that lil baby all thru the store!! (doesn't my thrifty produce look fancy in it?!?!? Imagine come fall with mini pumpkins and gourds)

WHAT tips do YOU have for feeding YOUR family on a budget?!?!?

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