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Saturday, July 9, 2016


I'm trying to get back into the blogging swing of things!! Do people even read blogs anymore?!?! Weigh in by leaving a comment.....

A DAY IN THE LIFE are pics via my iphone from the previous week (in THIS episode we will be playing catch up!!).

Peddled my wares @Kane County flea market last weekend....It was BUSY Saturday....I've always hesitated doing the 4th of July weekend show because I worried there wouldn't be any foot traffic - I was WRONG. Come see my next month for the debut of a NEW fun gypsylife line!!!

Girls road trip!!! Wild and fancy free

SO apparently I'm a year late to the #Starbucks #pink drink....I've seen it on lotsa insta's and finally found someone who spelled it out (Strawberry Acai refresher with coconut milk in place of the water - YUM-O). Apparently Starbucks is doing a "brown" drink this year - does anyone know anything about this?!?!

Happy 4th of July nails!!!

Found these beauties...stay tuned to see WHAT I do with these...

oops paint is my FAVE!!! I left the lilac once BUT couldn't stop thinking about it AND while creating a design board for the flea market ALL I kept seeing was the lilac color!!!

Making a SUPER effort to cook more, more healthy and creative! If you have any great recipes PLEASE share!

IN LOVE over the moon with THIS door!!!

Tried the new McDonalds Arctic Orange Shake - looks summer-y fresh but tasted TOO SWEET...I had a few sips and pitched the rest. Its like an uber sweet Push Up' know those orange ones?!?

Kane County Flea Market

Annual Fourth of July Fireworks 

Swapped out my pillow covers for a light fresh white summer look....

Enjoyed cherries GALORE!! They were on Super-Sale @Walmart - 2 lbs for $2.97
What did YOU do this week?!?!

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Twinkle Terrior said...

I don't think our McDonalds has that orange drink. But I have been getting Starbucks frozen white chocolate mocha frap. OMG - so refreshing and delish! Our week was good, but the best is catching up with the talented ppl of the world.........Yall BLOGGERS!! YAY!!!