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Thursday, July 21, 2016


WE ALL KNOW any good project starts with RESEARCH!!! (I have totally been reflecting lately on how much childhood PREPARES you for lotsa ways. We always thought those teachers were just being pesky making us research BUT it's a REAL life skill people!!! More on this another day). I combed #pinterest to see what I could find in the way of a #baseballt-shirt since this was my sons first year playing. I found a TON of FAB ideas (but wasn't ready to commit to a monogrammed tee or anything until I knew my son was sticking with it...I just wanted a lil something something to show my support - albeit LATE in the season aka the last 2 playoff games BUT better late than never right?!?!? And now I can cross something off my summer bucket list!!). 
HERE is the finished product...uber easy....

Get yo'self the following :
White T-shirt (mine was from Michaels)
Red Craft Paint
Baseball printed ribbon (optional)
Wax paper and a paint brush

(I did NOT wash my shirt first, I did not get fabric paint AND at the last minute I decided to cut off the sleeves)

Slide the wax paper inside the shirt (to prevent the paint from bleeding through)
Make an angled line (like above)
Along the line make those birds you made on your drawings as kids (to resemble the thread of the baseball)

Repeat on the bottom corner as well (I don't recommend doing the lines along the sides of the shirt or else it may not be as flattering as you would hope and may accentuate your belly if ya have one like I do).
I cut the ribbon (once I ran through the shoulder of the shirt and tied a faux ribbon to make sure the length was good), cut, tied, slid over my head and was on my way to a WINNING game!!!

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