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Friday, July 22, 2016


In the summer I want QUICK easy HEALTHY meals for my family and I. I planned all winter how I would be a MASTER veggie grower this summer (EPIC fail). BUT my basil is growing (the lil bit I can harvest in between the japanese beetles having a feast with it). 

My daughter was in the mood for Italian Sausage (I PREFER Johnsonville). So I got out the electric skillet and got to work!!!

Cook your sausages (remove from heat when cooked BUT DO NOT DRAIN the drippings)
Add 1 3/4 cup of water (for al dente pasta)
Add a box of rigatoni (you can use ANY pasta you want just not sure about to water:pasta ratio)
Cook for about 15 minutes covered - check on your pasta - if at desired texture turn to low, add sausage back in and add sliced peppers (I have sweet red and yellow and some left over green)

Again, cook until the peppers are your desired texture. 

VIOLA!!! Pop it on a plate, top with grated parmesan, red pepper flakes and fresh basil! 

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