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Thursday, July 7, 2016


Our porch is small....and I like to cram as much style and ambiance as I can on the porch!!

How SWEET does this lace panel look?!?!?!

AS you can see I like lotsa stuff on my porch!! Wreath, Chair (which was temporary until the patio furniture was un-earthed), solar light chandy, metal stool and flowers!!!

Honestly I debated whether or not to post this picture (you can see the trash bins out, the cardboard on the grass from my spray paint projects)....BUT in the effort of keeping it real, here it is!!! (and now you can see WHY I put the curtain up!!).

This could've been a THRIFTY TUESDAY post too...since I didn't want to BUY a curtain rod, I grabbed this mop?broom? handle that I had in the garage (I SAVE most er'thing). Threaded the lace panel on the rod and hung it on some hooks that were already in the porch ceiling...(come back next week to see a re-do of the holla mat).

VIOLA!!! There is the lace blowing in the breeze....with the quintessential fern....lookin all southern style!!!

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