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Saturday, July 23, 2016

A DAY IN THE LIFE..... via my iphone from the past week.....

IDK about you BUT I take almost ALL my pics with my iphone (just because I always have it with me). I bought a nice camera earlier this year and have done myself a TOTAL disservice NOT figuring out how to use it. Maybe that'll be on my summer bucket list....

Picked this off the curb (For a FAB future project)

Speaking of projects....SO EASY, not sure what the hold up was - come back next week to see WHAT I'm talking about!

Coconut Cream Pie HOMEMADE Iced Coffee (trying to save the cash and the calories)

Summer nights SHOULD be spent on the ball field (and YEP, that 10 is the WIN for us!!!)

Gorgeous evening on the patio working....

They may not have won the Championship (MAYBE it's because our 11yo were playing almost 16yo) BUT the boys gave it their all, played as a team and GREW their skills throughout the season!
2nd Place

Made tye-dyed t-shirts at the Block Party - WHO KNEW the swirl was SO EASY?!?!?! I wanna tye-dye ER'THING!!

Celebrated #nationalicecreamday with some @Culvers Sunday. 

The take home for the rest of the fam didn't fair as well....

Some finished statement  pieces for the collection debuting August 13th (GET YOURS TODAY by leaving a comment and which piece). Made with vintage religious regalia, beads, swarovski beads, mixed metals and vintage pieces!

Mary Mary quite contrary how dies your garden grow?!??! Those are Hungarian Wax Peppers and tomatoes in my drawer planter (one day I'll share the EPIC fail with y'all).

What did YOU do this week!?!?!? Any fun home decor projects out there?!?!

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