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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Snapshots of Christmas Cheer

I can't believe Christmas is only a week and a half away! Where did the holiday season go? I have to admit, I have been feeling a lil scroog-y this year (for personal reasons) and not quite my Martha Stewart-ish self. BUT the show must go on, right?!?! Here is the tree in all her glory!

 One each side of the tv buffet are these shelving units (I SO WANT to paint them, and have for a LONG time BUT some parts are particle board and I worry they won't hold the paint well).

 It's hard to decorate these shelves because I feel like the items have to flow AND I still want them to coordinate with my decor. On the top is my assortment trees, tissue paper, metal, ribbon and beaded. On the top shelf the tree assortment continues along with a snowman made by my lil guy out of styro balls.
The middle contains assorted Christmas balls and a jar of candles for those impromptu parties...and the last shelf reminds us of the reason for the season....

I have displayed a glass manger set, a vintage celluloid manger set a statue of mary and baby jesus and a frame with the words "let earth receive her king"....

Cute lil snowman, no? All his accessories are made from alphabet glitter letters the kids cut to mimic eyes, nose, mouth and even a corncob pipe!

 On the other side is the more whimsical bookcase....I printed the top image out form some clipart I found on Pinterst.....the second shelf contains a vintage Chipmunks Christmas record album, my fun lime green owl and a tiered stand (that was featured in a fall post with pinecones and leaves) full of glass ornaments...

and the bottom shelf has books, a frames christmas card (some of you may recognize this!!) framed wrapping paper, a tree cookie cutter and a lil silver tree candy dish from Pottery Barn (that I got at the thrift)

Lastly you will find my letter to Santa :

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