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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

To Bang or not to Bang

That was the question!! I have wanted bangs for the past year!! Every time I ask someone's opinion they say "no, don't get the bangs" So I haven't gotten the bangs.....BUT today I was looking for a change....So I GOT THE BANGS!! NOW, I want y'all to weigh in...Here is the before pic.....



Which look do you like the best? With bangs or without?


White Door Cream Puff said...

Love it !!! I think you look more modern with bangs and younger to! Plus you still have bangs long enough to gel to one side if you want them off once in awhile. So awesome to see your post! I just did the same thing the week before Christmas. I was tired of putting the top in barretts or pulled back and when i went to a Christmas party everyone loved it ...I vote YES - it looks terrific on ya!

sugar Creek said...

I love it! It brings out your eyes!

Julie said...

I like the bangs!

Makaila said...

Ditto to all the above! The bangs are sassy and make your eyes Pop!

Anonymous said...

Every now and then, when I need a change, I cut my bangs. It looks great on you. Plus, it's not permanent. I bet you could pull your hair back with a hairband for a different look. But keep the bangs for a while. They look super on you!