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Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 Christmas Home Tour

WELCOME!! I am linking up with the Nester Upon entering, you will find our stockings hanging on the rail with care (we don not have a fireplace therefore, no mantel...first house in 7 yrs without a mantel - sad). The house is a bi-level from the early 70's.  I found the hooks at the thrift for $2.90 and KNEW they'd be perfect for hanging the stockings with care. Three of the stockings are handmade by my mom and a tradition in our household!

Deery rests here until I can mount her on the appropriate board (I will be doing a post on her soon...this is her made-over state)

For now she lives here under this arrangement......

I want there to be special treats and surprises in each corner of my home....this arrangement for instance can be found in the bathroom.....Makes a great "night light"

I made it from branches from the tree out back (I gave them a light spritz of white paint), birch logs found on the curb last summer, silver eucalyptus (my fave smell on dried plants) which I found at the Dollar Tree - YAY! Dollar Tree!

You will also find these "prints" in the bathroom....(see previous posts for more info in the "carnivale" bathroom)...I simply switched out the center print for one I printed off-line...LOVE the vintage look!

I recently put this window frame in the bathroom as Christmas decor took over its usual space in the dining room.....

For this corner of the living room, I simply used wrapping paper to cover a framed piece of art I have up and switched out the lampshade from burlap to something a lil more refined for Santa!!



Here she is in all her GLORY!! My BEAUTIFUL white tree in the initial stages of decor! (here I am actually showcasing the evolution of the "coffee table" to read more about that visit previous posts)

Here is how I adorned the "coffee table" with various finds from the thrifts, things I had on hand, made or found in nature.  

WHO goes there? Why its a cute lil owl bank from the thrift that I got for .90! I am calling this look Chic Winter wonderland......

The small silver frame contains a vintage dictionary page with the definition of a poinsettia as well as a picture...
Here is the tree at night...all aglow.....

and trimmed with presents. Do you see the pink "binding" ribbon with the flower? That is actually a belt my daughter wore when she was a wee-bit.

Silver tray wreath inspired by Hammers and Highheels pics from the Bachmans idea house in Minneapolis....

The dining room tree....Eat Drink Be Merry!

I hung vintage mugs on the branches.....

Santa Baby, don't forget about me this year....I've been good!!

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White Lacquer said...

Love the white Christmas tree!!

And I'm pretty much addicted to silver trays, they look fab on the wall!!

xx. Patience