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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hey y'all! Happy Thrifty Tuesday!! All of my past thrifty posts have been from the thrift store...HOWEVER, it occurred to me that thrifty can be found anywhere! For example - this post is about a HobLob purchase. It was this item....

Looks good, right?!?! LOOK CLOSER.....the pedestal is broken off the bottom so this mini-mannequin was marked down to $6.48.....NOW, I am not ashamed to admit I am the thriftiest person eveah!! So $6.48 was a lot for a broken item....I put it down and walked I was ready to leave I said I KNOW I can make her over....BUT FIRST I wanted to see the original retail and she would probably be 50% off (because they have great sales) and then I wouldn't have to do a thing! Well, it was full price and $29.99 - NOW $6.48 didn't seem so bad!! So I brought her home and she sat in the HobLob bag for a couple of days....I knew I needed a candle base and I found it 3 days later at after hammering the bottom off (ONLY to find the metal rod went thru her entire body)....I used a dremel (WOOT WOOT) {which I was going to sell, but now that I have used it, I have a reason to keep it}. I hollowed out the resin inside the rod and put some E600 glue in the rod and on the pin of the candle holder.....

 I used some masking tape to hold her parts in place....bondage style....and let her dry for 24+ hours....and VIOLA!! here she is after her makeover!!

 And all ready for the 3 French Hens flea market THIS SATURDAY in Morris, IL! Come out and see me!
The moral of the story...take a cruise thru the clearance may find a thrifty purchase that wasn't IDEAL to begin with BUT with a lil elbow grease can be puuurrrrr-fffeeectttt! Tell me about your THRIFTY makeover!

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