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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Try it Thursday HOT ROCKS

Thanks y'all for your sweet comments on WIWW - I LOVED reading every one of them!! Thank you for taking the time!!

It's Try it Thursday...and today I am featuring Hot I KNOW I am not the first to do fact, its been on my to-do list for two years (I originally found it here )

We started out with a box of crayons....and some "HOT ROCKS"  (after we swiped them from our local grocery store's parking lot island, I washed them and baked them in the toaster over at 350 for 20 minutes)

We made these outside so as not to place the hot rocks on the wooden table and ruin it....I also found it helpful to place aluminum foil UNDER the rocks to catch the hot crayon run-off....

These are mine (obviously)....skull and cross bones, my name, a sugar skull, a flag and a leopard rock - I LOVE how they all came out...

These are Maya's....if you have a tweenie girl, you know 1D is for One Direction, A Peace Sign, Maya's name, a dinosaur egg and a flag....

Last but not least are Miguel's....I think this pic looks like it could be on a map or globe...he chose all jagged rocks...oddly enough the first rock is the states, he wanted his name in gold - which was ├╝ber pale, so I semi-outlined in black crayon, the orange one is a "rare lego" the white one was a "dinosaur tooth fossil" and the last is a "lego alien"

Give these a try! It was fast and easy (I was able to squeeze this craft in before dinner and before I left for work) and F U N !! We can't wait to make some more!

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Tiffany said...

Those are so cute!!