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Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Decor

I really do decorate for most every holiday!! Mother's Day is no exception!! Yesterday I put out my "Mother's Day decor" (and after I blogged about shut the front door friday I realized I should've done this post - SO two posts in one day!!). The decor is very minimal and can almost be every day decor....

I got this idea from "A Diamond in the Stuff" a few years ago....I adapted it to Mother's Day
 I brought my vintage chip clip out (that I got while flea-ing with one of my besties when she still lived here) to which I added my babies "1 year" pics (how time FLIES - we are on 13 and almost 8 - wah!!) a few pics of the kids and I and some art and a card....I am linking up WITH the original inspiration for her linky party - check it out here

Not a few hours after I had my decor up I got a flower delivery....form my kids - SO sweet!!

And I am blessed beyond measure to have a friend that I have been thru thick and thin with...her life, my life....and still here we are 7 years later!! She graced me with this gorg Brighton bracelet she saw while on VACAY (is that selfless or what?!?!? She's on vacay and see's something that screams my name). Thank you for remembering me my peeps!! When you are a single mom, it's  lil different kind of it's awesome to know I have friends and loved ones that remember me and make me feel special - love ya all!!
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the momma's out there....don't forget to wish the mom, friend or sister in your life a HAPPY day!! Sunday I am taking my momma flower shopping like we do every year! I'm looking forward to it mom!!

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