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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The EVOLUTION of an outfit

Hi girls! Today I am posting the pice BEFORE the pics for WIWW...What I like to call the evolution of an outfit...SEE if you notice the subtle changes...
(please excuse the towel...I had to get the pics in before my photog left for school!!)

Photo 1: Brown drapey Cardi, Turquoise Necklace, Brown belt and Cowboy boots

Photo 2: The only change is the belt

Photo 3: No belt and different cowboy boots

Photo 4: No belt and BINGO the new kick ass shoes....BUT something still isn't quite right - the drapey jacket is making me look squatty....and the turquoise just isn't popping....

PHOTO 5: AHHH, much better....Removed turquoise necklace, added Cashmere cardi and rolled cuffs on the jeggings

PHOTO 6: The brown belt from photo 1

TA-DA!!! The finished product (the only addition from above photo was the necklace and stack of bangles on my wrist)
What I am wearing:
Cashemere Cardi - Thrifted
Spikey Necklace - Macy's
Leopard Tank - Chico's
Belt - Chico's
Jeggings - Chico's
Kick ass flats - Target

Do you see the difference changing a few things makes?!?! Ya know how you just KNOW when something in your outfit doesn't feel right?!!? That's how I felt in photo 1...and sometimes taking a pic makes a WORLD of difference to the eye...


Nicole said...

Love the finished outfit! Cute!

Miche By Kathy said...