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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

THRIFTY Tuesday Getting organized Starting with Scarves

SO as you may or may not know I simply ADORE a trip to the thrift shop anytime my schedule or pocketbook (yes, I'm serious - thirfting has become a want not a need these days) allows. Sometimes I go for very specific items (which I usually strike out) but it seems when I go with NO agenda it's when I get the best finds!! Case in point....

This lil baby for .89 (which was probably half off at that!!). It's a tie organizer (I think) I've been meaning to add some organization to my closet....after all, a girl with lots of accessories NEEDS to be organized!! SO after a thorough cleaning with bleach....and a day (actually a week by the time I got back to it) to dry....I started with THIS mess....

BUT I will say it was "organized chaos" I could always find what I was looking for!! 

 and AFTER!!! 
While I was organizing the scarves I also decided to organize my belts (I already had this hanger)

aaahh....much more orderly - wouldn't you say?!?!

What's in YOUR closet?!?!

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