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Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Day In The Life...

A day in the life is a re-cap of my week in iphone pics....

SUMMER...Flip Flops on the sidewalk

Puttin my feet up every chance I between working and running like a chicken with my head cut off

Drying the laundry outside (I don't have a dryer, we're not allowed to have laundry lines in this community  - Association rules) SO I kinda skirt the issue by laying the laundry out (that way I only have to fluff at the laundromat)

Got this FUN neon green color last's a cute lil petite bottle and for .75 how can you go wrong?!?! When I got home and unpacked the bags, I noticed it matched my favey ribbon perfectly - picture perfect in fact!!

Made homemade pizza's with the kids...Jiffy Box m ix and out choice of toppings (my choice was sausage, bacon and green olives)

While letting the dog out I noticed my petunia's were in FULL bloom (this plant was almost DEAD when I moved it to a covered, wind sheltered area) and it's FLOURISHED....

 So I guess you can say I stopped and took time to admire the petunia's

MY BELOVED DREAM CAR......taunting me....LOL

THIS is the BEST foot soak evah!! Smells fab and after a long day on your feet a 15 minute soak does WONDERS...and the best part - it's only $1.00!!

We've had ice cream every night...with Magic Shell....have you tried it?!?! It's like a Klondike coating for your ice cream - HELLO 5 extra pounds this week!!

Working on some jewelry to get listed on Etsy....

New designs....FUN for summer!

What have YOU been up to this week?!?!?

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