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Thursday, July 18, 2013

DEADBEAT DADS....Can someone EXPLAIN how the legal system works

I NEVER NEVER use my blog for politics or calling people out....BUT today I am doing that...I don't know how else to get PUBLIC attention or answers to my questions. Can anyone tell me how a single mom can get help?!??!!? I am that single mom - I have 2 kids and the court only ordered their dad to pay 72.00/a week....because he pays 100.00/week to his other baby's momma....BUT y'all here's the kicker!! He has a newer car, a motorcycle, is adding an addition to his (trailer) "home", gets tattoos and just bought a $700.00 dog - WHERE IS THE JUSTICE?!?!?! He's never on time with his child support- we go to court  - he brings a $72.00 check and the judge says "he's trying" and EXCUSES children have had to understand that we can't go out to eat, we can't go to the movies, we can't get new clothes for summer, you can't do that sports camp, we CAN'T do anything....NOW I work - PT (I still need to be here to raise the kids, get them to school activities come the school year) at a retail job - I HUSTLE to make my bonuses, I sell things in ebay on the side and it's still not enough - if you have kids you KNOW how expensive they can be...SO this is MY public plea....if you KNOW of any free legal services (besides the states atty and the atty general because they don't do squat) please leave a comment, OR if YOU have done anything that has proven works to get by and raise your kids please comment!!



Ms. Sanchez said...

Atta Girl Ms. Cairns!!!!!! Love it!!! From experience...not my own but my BF. Take his ass to court! My BF pays 140.00 a week for ONE child! That's after he pays for his other 4 too!! It is all based on income and naturally his 1st child has the right to 28% of gross payroll per week. I highly doubt he makes minimum wage to only have to pay 72.00 a week??? You can personally file a chikld support modification where it is then required that all his finances are updated and re investigated. By law he should have to pay 25% of gross to his 2...3..4..5.. chirren! I believe you can obtain the form at your local courthouse or hell check into it online. I believe there is a small "court fee" but i do not believe you need an attorney for a modification. I can offer much as i have NO BRATS but its at least an avenue to start at. PS I occasionally read your Blogs and see ur FB and from a strangers pov....ur are ONE HELL of a momma!!!

Anonymous said...


You seem like a great mom! Don't get too discouraged by our broken system :/ your kids will remember the "simple" things you do for them that, i'm guessing, their father doesn't. Like, making them breakfast, helping w/ homework & projects, and just making them feel special<- all priceless!
For what it's worth: my (estranged w/ me) sis-in-law used to hunt down dead beat dads in texas for her job. If you message her your situation on fb (nicole mccann in Dallas-fort worth) I think she could provide you with a lot of ammo. Just don't mention its a favor from me;) lol
P.s. If that doesnt work, message me & I can have my ma call her directly eith your info. i'm told she's a pitbull abt this crap! Good luck either way gurl! -fingers crossed-