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Friday, July 12, 2013

Try it THURSDAY Your Guide to a FUN MARTHA STEWART Planner

The Planner I bought last year was a "student" planner so it ran Jul 2012-Jul 2013....I was ready to get organized for the upcoming year so I went on the hunt for a new planner...NOT as easy as it would seem - wither they were old (like the one I was trying to replace) OR new and like $20.00 - seriously?!?!? It wasn't even refillable for $20.00. 
(old planner left, new planner right...funny how similar)

I stopped in my local staples (because I KNOW they carry my homegirl Martha's supplies)...I checked the Martha Stewart display, only to be saddened when there were no planners...and then (cue the clouds opening and the harps playing) Maya found this one....BAM!! $10.00 on clearance (about what I wanted to spend) and it's July-Dec (which is ok, I will go buy an extended one AFTER all the back to school sales)

Below is the layout of my old planner...a monthly calendar (So I can easily see at a glance what's going on for the month)
 AND a daily breakdown...where as you can see I wrote in things going on that day, my own personal to-do list and fun lil quotes or sayings...that way I had a list in one place of my to-do's, a personal memoir of things said, achievements, etc

My new MARTHA planner has the same kinda lay-out...month at a glance

And again a daily breakdown (this was a requirement as I enjoyed and utilized last planner) although this one is smaller AND not line-by-line - which I don't like as just seems messy to me..

You'll notice I took the time to write in my fave quotes (actually all the one's I have pinned on Pinterest)'s a nice reminder or inspiration...

IT will be a continual work in progress...and while it may seem silly to decorate with stickers, it's just happier when you open it for mundane things like work schedules!! Did you ever decorate "Chandlers" in high school? That's kind of what this reminded me high school a group of girlfriends would get together and buy these lil planners called "Chandlers" (datebooks - ya know for our homework and school events) and we would decorate them with magazine cutouts, postcards, stickers, pictures, etc and then during class we'd exchange Chandlers and look at what other people did, write notes, in there, etc Wish I still had mine....SO did you do Chandlers in high school?!?!

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