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Friday, July 19, 2013


Foil Cooking
Wrap raw ingredients in a foil packet, cook it on a grill and what you've got is a hobo pack. This technique combines the freshness of steaming with the intense flavor of grilling, since the high heat caramelizes the food on the bottom of the pack. Start with Jerk Seafood Packs or another one of the recipes here, then experiment. Lightly oil the foil to discourage food from sticking, or toss ingredients with a little oil or butter. Add vegetables or fruit, then layer seafood, chicken or meat and flavorings (such as herbs, olives, capers, chiles or onions) on top. The trick is to choose quick-cooking ingredients; cut up the larger ones that require more time so that everything in the pack finishes simultaneously.

THIS is what I made for dinner last nite....
I've made them once before a few years ago BUT was guided by a Boy Scout who had just done them a few weeks before for Scouts....Apparently they aren't exclusive to the Boy Scouts (see article above from Food & Wine). I defrosted the ground beef in the morning planning to make cheeseburgers for dinner BUT when we used the buns at lunch I said "gonna have to go to the grocery store....but then I said WAIT - what else can I make that doesn't require me going to the store {not that it mattered - we went to the grocery store later which resulted in a melt down because we couldn't compromise on an ice cream - story for another day} While I was running my brain for food ideas, I remembered the foil packet - did a lil research (which really was unecessary - you can put ANYTHING in a foil pack).
 My base was potatoes (for my daughter and I - my lil guy - NOT a potato eater - so he had corn) I added red onion and garlic to mine...drizzled with a lil olive oil (put some on the foil too BEFORE you add your ingredients)
 I added the pattied ground beef (seasoned with Adobo and A texas grilling seasoning)
 Topped with bacon bits
 Added shredded cheese (note: cheese TOTALLY melted)

VIOLA!!! Gorgeous carmelized meat and potatoes - can't get more all american than that!! 

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