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Friday, July 12, 2013

Foodie Friday Pineapple Infused Vodka

I got this idea from my girlfriend D and I added a few lil twists!! To make a pineapple infused vodka you need a bottle of good vodka and a pineapple (of course my grocery store was outta fresh piƱa's SO I had to pay more AND buy the pre-cut - which was ok - it saved me the hassle of cutting)

I used "Pearl" Wedding Cake flavored Vodka (isn't the bottle GORGEOUS)

Combine pineapple and vodka and let sit for a week (I did refridgerate mine)

I didn't have any club soda on hand SO I used Simply Lemonade with Mango and made a pineapple cocktail....

SO delish and refreshing!! and um you can totally eat the liquor soaked pineapple....mine was sweet - STRONG but sweet (I think because I used the wedding cake vodka)

The possibilities are endless I would think...different flavored vodkas with different fruits....or strawberries with straight vodka, watermelon (although may be a lil sweet and probably less infusion time)

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