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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday Patio Makeover Breakdown

Ok, so it's wednesday!! LOL! THe holiday week has me feelin like it's summer and the livin is easy!!

I'm sure you've seen these sets everywhere....I took these pics for a price point....

And this one too....

And now mine!!! My set was $13.39....I will break down below....
Bench - Gift 5 years ago (It was white and I painted it black to coordinate and make the "set" uniform)

Table - $10.00 at a garage sale - it was hunter green - I painted that also

Chairs - Curbside find (there were 4 BUT I never made it back in time to get the other 2)
Chair Covers - A flannel Backed vinyl tablecloth from Joann's for $2.39 (and I still have enough fabric left for a runner o 2 other cushions)
The paint I had from flea market projects and it's my FAVE to use on anything that is high traffic - Rust Oleum Oil-Based protective enamel....a bear to get off the brushes and paint tray BUT SO WORTH IT!!

(I used a salad container for the paint so I could just pitch it after I was done painting and didn't have to worry about rinsing it out)

SO by shopping around, being patient and thinking outside the box I saved $285.61!!! And I have something unique to me and my eclectic style!!

In case you hadn't noticed by now, I LOVE to be thrifty BUT style-ful!! I ADORE the flowers in the summer, but momma's on a budget...SO I picked up the hanging basket at Home Depot (for 6.88) and a pack of vinca imaptients for .99

I made this lil planter for my deck (I have dill planted in the back SO when the seeds grow, I'll have a feathery green backdrop that is pretty AND useful (for cucumber salad)....and I made another planter for the looks skimpy now BUT will be full and lush in a few weeks....
(hanging deck planter $1.99 via the thrift, coco liner $2.99 and flowers $6.44)
For EXAMPLE this planter below I did mid May....See that scrawny tall plant in the back? That was a mum that wintered over in the garage, 4 petunia's (NOT even a full pack of annuals) and 1 sweet potato vine...

SEE how FULL and LUSH it is now?!??! The mum has filled out and sprouted up and the sweet potato vine has SPREAD (I'm going to trim and root it)
SO my friends, PATIENCE is the moral of the story....I mean I would LOVE to have a gorgeous lush garden in May BUT I work with my budget :) There's NO SHAME in a budget!! (total cost of this planter was around $3.00)

WHOOP there it is! My summer deck for $30.81 INCLUDING the table and Chairs!!

 Happy Summer friends!!


Kori said...

Patience is something I'm learning to deal with in the summer! I feel like I want all the gorgeousness RIGHT NOW!! :)

Love your deck...

Nicole said...

Well done, it turned out very cute!