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Thursday, July 25, 2013

TRY It Thursday iPhone case

I am a photo fiend....I think all us bloggers are....and I use my iphone A LOT for pics (like almost exclusively). I am a good lil iphone owner...I have the protective sheath on the front and a case on the back. I've ALWAYS done a clear case because while I'm usually a more is more girl I like my phone case to be plain and simple. BUt while we were at Big Lots a few weeks ago my son found a leopard and lil red bow case -for $2.00!!! You KNOW I never pass up a good deal!! So I anxiously put the cover on, took my WIWW pics and EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Had a shadow (from the darn cover - the hole wasn't big enough....hmmm, is that why it was only $2.00?!??!)

SO I thought about it...a realized I could PROBABLY fix the problem myself with my handy dandy Dremel (and if not I as only out $2.00 anyway!!)

I started sanding....

And VIOLA!! A bigger hole, it didn't crack and now I just needed to seal the edges with clear nail polish so the paint wouldn't chip off
 as long as I was "polishing" my phone I decided it was only appropriate to add gold glitter!!! SO I used one of my lil art deco polishes..lil brush by lil brush stroke....
 UNTIL I got smart and just schmeared it all over with my finger!!!

Don't be afraid to try something - there's a 50/50 chance it'll be FAB!!!

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Tamera Beardsley said...

Well done my dear! Kudos!