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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I was in the hunt for LARGE address numbers that are unique and inexpensive....BECAUSE this was my current "address plaque"

Peel and stick numbers....that had seen their better days...PRETTY pitiful wouldn't you say?!?!

I searched Menards and Home Depot for numbers....and wasn't paying $4.00 for a 5" metal skinny I happened to stop in HobLob one day and BAM!!! EXACTLY what I was looking for...
Not only are they large and whimsical BUT I paid $4.50 for ALL THREE!!! (Have to love HobLob's 50% off sales). White is a fine color BUT I wanted them to really POP....SO I gave them a coat of black glitter fleck spray paint....attached some command adhesives to the back

And VIOLA!!! 

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LG @ said...

Wow! what a difference that makes!!! looks great!