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Saturday, November 16, 2013

A day in the life....

A day in the life is pics from the week via my iphone....

The cat went flying over to the patio you see what she see's?!?!?
 The FATTEST squirrel EVER!! Kitty sat and watched the squirrel until my lil guy scared it away...

GORG winter like sunset - aren't the colors beautiful?

Delish turkey dinner (for the what I used see Friday's post)

Scrabble with the kids....guess who put what down?!?!

Monday - SNOW already!! TOO SOON Mother Nature

FAB new sweater at Chico' all the glitz and glam

Caramel Brulee Latte thanks to the kindness of one of our customers...she gave me her free drink card...without which I wouldn't be able to afford to indulge in my guilty pleasure!

LOVE this Day of the Dead Skully ornament at Target...the colors would be PERFECT on my WHITE tree
 While at Target I picked up some of this sparkling Blood Orange drink - SO DELISH and refreshing

Chicken pot pie for dinner Tuesday

Taco Wednesday (should've done it on Tuesday or Thursday...rolls better with Taco! LOL)

Pretty Fall display....those are IBC root beer bottles - perfect fall color

Almond cupcake and earl grey tea...perfect end to a LONG day

FAB winter decor listed for sale...if interested message me...each pair is $22.00

Happy Fall Y'all....the scarecrow is from my parents...aww

The PERFECT Friday morning....oh blogs how I have MISSED you!!

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