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Thursday, November 7, 2013

TRY IT THURSDAY....December Daily Journal made from a BOOK STEP BY STEP

My girl Jen was telling me about December Daily and I KNEW that was right up my alley!! A way to document holiday decor, traditions, foods, etc. So I did what any good blogger would do and researched "December Daily" and found several options...I liked the one made from an actual book (this way I could customize it to my liking, sizing, papers, etc). 
While I Shop n swap I picked up this book (because of the size and front page coloring)

Grabbed my exacto knife and cut the innards of the book out (am saving them for another project)
 Once the bound pages were removed I was left with the hard covers and spine...

I gathered all my supplies 

 I like layers - I will use the vellum to print out lyrics to a holiday song that's fun or meaningful to us this season!
I cut all my papers down to book size 

 I glued plain back pages together and arranged in a visually pleasing manner..
(here you can see I used a sheet of paper that already had holes punched into it...I took this as a challenge and used the merry merry gift tags {WHICH happened to fit perfectly} )
 I embellished the front (I saw the idea for splitting up dec/ember on another bloggers December Daily)
 I laid all my pages out and added sequins to a few....
COME BACK NEXT WEEK and see HOW I bound it all together and the page by page reveal. If you do a December Daily, PLEASE leave me your blog link so I can check it out!!

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