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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

THRIFTY TUESDAY VINTAGE Glittered Watercolor Painting

Remember last month when I SCORED at Shop n Swap?!??! (In case you forgot here's a lil snapshot)

**See that deer print above?!?! And Below**

It was a FAB vintage watercolor and honestly I was scared of "ruining" it BUT wanted to paint an glitter it to COORDINATE with my holiday decor!! So I got a bottle of craft paint from Hob Lob and painted the frame (several light coats). I put painters tape FACE UP (so it didn't stick to the painting) under the frame....

Once that was done and dry I put a light layer of Elmers glue and sprinkled some Martha Stewart glitter over some parts of the sky and water....

Whatcha think?!?! Better BEFORE or AFTER?!?!?

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