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Friday, November 15, 2013

FOODIE Friday...Cilantro TURKEY

I am NOT hosting Thanksgiving this year SO I won't be making the requited bird in a couple Thursdays....BUT last week I had Sunday off and wanted a nice Sunday dinner for my family, So I made a TURKEY!! I was a lil untraditional in the seasonings as I used cilantro (inside the bird as well as onion and garlic) in between the skin and the meat (that is the green you see on the turkey) and made a rub with olive oil and adobo....

 I slow cooked for 4 hours (starting my temp at 300 and increasing in 25° increments every hour) making sure to marinate with the juices every so often.

I made mashed potatoes and gravy also - the gravy had the BEST flavor!!
(I didn't have corn because I didn't need the extra carb-age) 
This was DELISH and a fresh alternative to the typical thanksgiving turkey BUT with that being said I am totally looking forward to the typical Thanksgiving turkey on Thanksgiving day! With some delish "Grandpa Michael's stuffing" - he's not my grandpa BUT rather a recipe my parents found in the newspaper years ago and this stuffing is a thanksgiving staple!! 

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