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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Anyone who know's me KNOW's I'm Über thrifty! And while I KNOW this idea won't work for everyone it works for ME!! SO I figured I'd share because it just MAY work for some of you too. My hair is black...In real life it's a light brown....After the Kardashians first came out I thought the mom's was SO STUNNING with her dark hair...SO I dyed my hair a lil darker....the box still said "dark brown" when in reality it looked black....slowly I graduated to BLACK.

Since we're friends I can show y'all my roots....

THIS is what I am currently using to color my hair...Revlon colorsilk in Black #10. This is ONLY $2.99 and works like a charm!!

AFTER (and sans make-up)

I also should mention another lil trick and tip I have up my sleeve....In between coloring when I have lil bits of grey showing through I use a black SHARPIE to touch up my roots. No JOKE!!! Again - I know this won't work for everyone BUT if you have dark hair (even brown) get a sharpie and touch up those roots!!

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