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Friday, November 22, 2013

FOODIE Friday SKINNY ITALIAN Minestrone Soup

It's NO Secret I LOVE my jersey girls! (Housewives, Snooki & Jwow - LOVE). SO when Teresa's cookbook came out last year I HAD to have...this is how well my daughter knows me - she got me the cookbook for my birthday!! I display it proudly on my kitchen counter HOWEVER up until a few weeks ago I realized I have yet to make anything from it. So one Sunday night I grabbed the book and some leopard tabs (ya know to mark off the recipes I wanted to try). 

What I LOVED About the book is it isn't JUST recipes - it's so much more...I KNOW she got a lot of kickback about the comments on fellow cast mates from the RHONJ BUT lets be real, when you are with a group of STRONG personality women it isn't always rainbows and moonbeams so I don't fault her. As I read thru I realized the prepared conveince foods we buy aren't that good for us.
I made my list, checked it twice and headed off to the grocery store...there's a lot of cutting involved....(in addition to what you see below I also chopped fresh tomatoes, zuccini)

VIOLA! Here was the finished product (I added a handful of organic spinach to my bowl) and served with fresh grated parmesan cheese - olive oil and any honorable fauxtalian would do!
Weigh in....YAY or NAY to Teresa? Fan or not?!?!

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Kori said...

Fauxtalian!! I LOVE it! I have a soft spot for the RHOOC (where I'm from) and the RHONJ (where hubby is from). I totally flip-flop my way through each season with whom I trust and love, but ultimately I love them all. And I'm really sad that Caroline won't be a part of it next season, but plan to give her spin-off show a go.