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Monday, November 25, 2013

Arm Swag Sunday

Arm Swag Sunday are photo's from the week of my arm swag....some days there's more and some days there's less BUT we love arm real estate!! 

 What I'm WearingL
Pretty: theSassyPearl
Black/Gold Chain Link - theSassyPearl
Black Beaded: theSassyPearl
Grey/Gold Chain link - theSassyPearl

What I'm wearing:
Red/White Wrap with Skull: Gifted
Pandora Charm Bracelet
White Evil Eye - Ross
Pearl/Purple Leather Strand - Snyders

Pearl - Gifted
Evil Eye - Ross
Chain Link - Lillian Vernon 14 years ago
White Moonstone - Gifted
Betsy Johnson-Like Charm Bracelet - Gifted

Yellow Bangle - Target via the thrift
Leopard bangles (the skinny ones) Gifted
Blue Bangle - Target via the thrift

I'd LOVE to see your ARM swag... if you're interested, I'll add a linky button 

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