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Saturday, November 30, 2013

A day in the life....

Pics via my iphone for the past week....

Display I did at work....

SNOW?!?! AGAIN!!! It's pretty when I'm inside my house looking out!!

Glitter deer mount....Come BACK TUESDAY for the deets

Makers gonna make....

Belated birthday celebration with my niece and nephew! Happy Birthday cuties!

SWEET HOME Chicago for the Thanksgiving holiday....

Mom stuffing the bird (um I didn't know she got her {the bird} drunk first!! 

 Found this on Pinterest....SEEMED easy NOT!! You had to slice pieces to get in and fit in! BUT it was a hit! The kids AND adults loved it! I used Smuckers Sugar Free caramel (in the ice cream topping section) had GOOD flavor and about half the calories!

Grandma and the grandkids

Grandpa and the boys being SILLY!!!

My nephew was "HUNGRY"

Our Thanksgiving Spread....

My mom's schizophrenic decor....Christmas, Thanksgiving and Christmas again....she was SO ANXIOUS to get started!! Thankfully after Thanksgiving dinner she was too tired to put the tree up!!

How was YOUR Thanksgiving?!?!?

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