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Friday, December 13, 2013

FOODIE FRIDAY.....Spinach, Banana and Blackberry Salad

With the holidays here it's hard to eat healthy and not indulge in sweets and salty snacks and comfort food....I'm not blessed with great genes....I have to always be vigilant of what I eat to fit into my JEANS! LOL (imagine if I added working out....that's an idea). Anyway, the other day I picked up a package of blackberries and while making my salad I realized I didn't have any tomatoes SO I decided to make a salad WITH what I had...

Spinach, blackberries, fresh sliced bananas (RIGHT before I ate the salad - a brown banana would be a turn off) croutons and a strawberry vinegarette dressing....this was SO GOOD!! And I'm willing to be would be WAY tastier in the summer!!

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