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Monday, December 16, 2013


For those of you who don't know - I was born and bread Chicago style! LOL! I grew up in the city, rode the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) bus 45 minutes to high school each day (and I couldn't even FATHOM letting my daughter do that now!!). I moved when I was 20 to Minnesota...and from then on I've been a bit of a gypsy....Something about the city is SO ALIVE!! I love visiting (although hate the driving downtown..people are CRAZY and rude!! BUT when in Rome....). I am now about an hour and 45 minutes from downtown Chicago....NOT too bad...but don't get down there as often! Anyway, yesterday I took the kids to see the holiday windows and tree at Macy's on State Street. We had a FAB day....very relaxing, laughed our butts off, indulged in Starbucks, chose our holiday ornaments for the year and FROZE!! Of course we go on a day it's only 17 degrees!! BUT it wasn't NEARLY as crowded as usual SO for that I was grateful! 

LOOK at the GORGEOUS tree in the Walnut's my DREAM to have a Christmas Brunch here....maybe one day....When I went on-line the tickets for Brunch were SOLD OUT :( I know better for next year!!

This is a FAB Macy's 8 floors of shopping goodness!! 

Fountain in the center of the store (ya know what's funny?!?! I've NEVER been here any other time of year BUT Christmas!!)

Wishin, Hopin and wishing HARD (look at that determination!! and secretly hoping my penny didn't lop some bystander in the head)

 This display is UH-MAZING.....or as my son would say AMAZLING (amazing and dazzling). SO clever to use a Christmas tree as the mannequins skirt!! I have to admit - my DREAM job when I grow up is to do the Macy's holiday displays (I mean I know I would have to do all the other displays year round too)
 This is such a sweet lil image!! I ADORED it! Kinda what I try to emulate when I set up for the flea markets....selling an IMAGE, an idea....NOT JUST product!

Stepping off the escalator I COULDN'T resist!! 

I won't spoil the windows for those who haven't gone yet (maybe I will do a post AFTER the holidays)

 The quintessential MARSHALL FIELDS clock....

 My little's walking in the city....
City street lights, busy street lights, blink a bright red and green....

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