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Saturday, March 15, 2014


...Pics via my iphone from the past week....

I want to first say thank you for all your kind words and comments over the past week - I LOVE reading them...and in full disclosure I am NOT that organized...I laid out the clothes and accessories once (although I am HOPING to do that again for this next took a lil time initially BUT made for GREAT mornings and I started each day confident knowing I made the best choices and wasn't late getting out the door). 

Gym Wear

It was 54 on Monday y'all - that's a HEAT WAVE!!! 

SO I did what all midwesterners do when it's in the 50's....I grilled some steaks and potatoes

YUM!!! While we were eating my daughter said "it's like summer" (because in the summer we grill almost everyday and pico de gallo is a staple with summer meals)

While flipping through the new instyle I noticed it was all about the pastels...

and I saw this GORG photo...I could handle living there....AND it looks to me like Chicago in the background....any thoughts?

 Started a project....will be featured here on TRY IT THURSDAY...stay tuned!!

More gym wear

Planted some seeds....I NEVER have luck when I start them indoors....I'm crossing my fingers this time is different....

What did YOU do this week?!?! 

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Twinkle Terrior said...

You have the COOLEST gym wardrobe of anyone I've ever seen! So awesome - more fun to work out with some bling on the shirt LOVE IT... I went to Target today - got a new green shirt for St Pattys day (and green nail polish for extra fun-ness)