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Saturday, March 8, 2014

A day in the life.... via my iphone the past week....

Kids made cards for a perfect stranger who turned 100!!

Call me the Bone Collector! LOL! Actually puppy teeth collector

Spent some time getting organized (more deets to follow soon)

Confuscious says "too much pattern mixing"
(no worries, once I got to work I lost the coat and boots)

Since last weeks painting was so successful I figured I'd start this piece this week (It's only been on y to-do list for a year and a half)

Back in Black (darker eye make-up that is)...I like to switch it up - do YOU do that?!?!

FINALLY got to go to #Eggsclusive....a new breakfast place here in Rockford...DELISH food - CUTIE hosts!!

While I was out a did a lil WINDOW shopping (see that silver cord to the right of the pic?!?!? Purse was locked on the rack and the saleslady came RUSHING over with her key to unlock it for me....I had to explain I was just trying it on...all the while my daughter was DYING that I made her take a pic in the middle of Macy's AND the saleslady saw us!!). I HEART this lil crossbody-ish MK purse

No Saturday would be complete without a trip to Target (along with all the masses)...wanna read a HILARIOUS true perspective on Target shopping read at The daily Tay - she's HILARIOUS!!
ANYWAY - found this FAB bench there  - that I NEED (it looks like a rug I used to have...hmmm, I bet I could make a bench similar)

Had to try the bench on for size as well!! Then we ALL took a turn snapping pics on the bench - laughter ensued!!

LOOK at these GORG (glass) water bottles - reminds me of Starbucks bottles...I thought maybe I could make this myself too...but then realized I don't have the lil rubber piece that goes in the hole

The above FAB bottles and below FAB stuff is from Burlington Coat Factory...I haven't been there in almost 2 years....looks like I missed some good stuff!!

Took the smalls to the mall...had to go to Aero...I picked up these clothes for the gym (got the Nike's last month)...perfect pairing no?!?!

Got my outfits pulled together INCLUDING accessories for the next 5 days...that should ease my mornings

What did YOU do this week!?!?!

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Twinkle Terrior said...

You have truly inspired me to get better looking work out clothes! LOL (mine were raggedy) Never made it to Target this weekend so the masses missed me! LOL Have a great week. :)