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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

THRIFTY TUESDAY....Gym wear on the low low

Being THRIFTY is NOT the same as being CHEAP. The definition is as follows:

  1. 1.
    (of a person or their behavior) using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.
    synonyms:frugaleconomicalsparingcareful with money, penny-wise,providentprudentabstemious;

    It is MY opinion that rich people don't get rich by being spendthrifts....look at some of the people you know...those that are frugal tend to have the money TO spend....I'm VERY thrifty BUT I also like having nice things and I figure out a way to be and do both!! It does take time, patience and thoughtfully picking things up off season (I say thoughtfully BECAUSE just because something seems like a good deal, if you won't use it OR it's not your color scheme, it really isn't a great deal). FOr example - after V-day HobLob had this GORG burlap runner with ruffled red edges - it was $7.00...a STEAL!! BUT I don't decorate with red SO for me, it wouldn't have been a STEAL.

    Ok, on with the show!! In the title I said gym wear....I just started going to the gym and by NO MEANS am I even fit...HOWEVER...having appropriate things to wear to the gym makes going a little funner (yes, I said funner). AND I have to tell you - I GET why gym pants are that spandex slippery my fatty thighs don't rub together and cause a fire while working out! LOL!! Seriously - the fabric does make a diff diff.

    The ensemble below was picked up this past weekend...I already had the shoes - got those last month...below I will break it down for ya

Tank - Aero - $3.99
Pants - Aero - $7.99
Nike's - Macys - $51 and some change 
My daughter was DYING that I was in Aero shopping - how dare I shop at the same store she shops at...BUT I saw $3.99 tanks and knew I had to check them out....they JUST SO HAPPENED to coordinate with my Nike's SO I had to have them. Here's a PERFECT example of right place right time...I wasn't specifically shopping for something...and BAM!! I got a gym ensemble for $12.00 AND it matches my shoes!! The Nike's were 99.00 before xmas and they weren't in my budget...but I kept watching and they went on sale for almost HALF price - strike when the iron's hot my friends!! 

You guys saw this last week(I posted on FB as well and everyone wanted t-shirt deets)
 Skully T-Shirt - Walmart $5.00
Hat - Gifted
Pants - $7.00 Kohls
I don't usually wear white t-shirts (I hate they way white looks on me - weird I know) BUT the FAB design and $5.00 price tag had me at hello! I KNEW it would be a perfect work out t.

Everything old is new again...
T-Shirt - Maurices - OLD like 2009 old
Adidas Work Out Pants - Thrifted for a dolla on Goodwill dollar day. Can't BEAT that!! 

NOW, is it weird or whatever that I talk prices?!?!? I've come to realize that I must do that a lot because my son discusses prices, money, etc ALL the time - in mixed company as well....there are some things that should be private BUT I wanna share my fab deals with y'all....weigh in and tell me what ya think!

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