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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


...and the FINAL entry from Feb's Dolla DAy Goodwill Haul....

This is STILL the "me" pile....Top - Chico's Easywear Jacket, Turquoise Sweater (that is currently getting a makeover) and Blue and white striped sweater (VERY similar to an item currently carried at work)

Below you can see me sportin my GW finds....
 Chico's Easywear Jacket

I've worn this blue striped sweater twice - that's .50 a wear y'all!!! 

With a scarf (and a bathroom selfie)

and with a necklace (also thrifted a few years ago)

I LOVE buying stuff for my son at the thrift...he's SO HARD on clothes and either wears the knees or stains his stuff...this way I can STILL get nice looking stuff and not be freaking out when he gets chocolate all over it...
 And my daughter too...much to her chagrin (she LOATHES the thrift BUT will wear stuff I bring for her)
 Did you guys notice a theme in EACH photo?!?!? Blue and white striped shirts for all of us....Memorial Day outfits - CHECK!!

And ps...THIS is what your house will look like even a WEEK after the great thrifting adventure (neither of the boots pictured were thrifted) because I have to go thru everything, launder it and then we have to try it on and see what works and what doesn't...sometimes things don't work and in that case I"m only out a dollar OR I will list it on ebay!!
In days gone by shopping at the thrift was taboo....BUT nowadays everyone's doing it and now YOU can see why!! It's a great way to try a trend you might not ordinarily think about!! So tell me - would YOU shop at the thrift store?!?!?


Karen @ MrsLookingGood said...

Wow I wish there are dollar days on Goodwill! Maybe not or I'll go crazy and fill up my cart.

I buy most of our clothes at thrift stores, even for my son. We have the same thinking, if he ruins his clothes, at least I got them cheap.

Hopping over from Thrifters Anonymous!

Antionette Blake said...

Thrifting is the only way to shop! You got some great items for you and the kids. Happy Hump day Wednesday, hopped over from ColorBlind.

Twinkle Terrior said...

Those were awesome goodwill finds